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          青島家具出口 > 品牌中心




            自2009年成立以來,以良好的商業信譽、精良的質量保證、合理的價格和完善的服務深受廣大客戶的信賴和肯定,產品遠銷世界各地,與美國 新西蘭 澳大利亞 德國 英國 荷蘭 以色列 哥斯達黎加 韓國 捷克  葡萄牙 墨西哥 越南 菲律賓 加拿大 瑞典 愛爾蘭  希臘等40多個國家客戶建立了長期穩定的合作關系。產品所用的材質包括:松木、樺木、橡木、楊木、彎曲木、膠合板、密度板、刨花板、麥草、柳條等。涵蓋臥室家具、客廳家具、書房家具、兒童家具、餐廳咖啡廳家具等。




          Qingdao Link Group Co., Limited is a furniture design, export, wholesale in one, engaged in import and export trade and domestic sales enterprises. The company has been to "create value, hand in hand win-win" concept, to achieve customers and team win-win!

          Since it was founded in 2009, with good commercial reputation, excellent quality 

          assurance, reasonable price and perfect service deeply the general customers trust and affirmation, products are exported to all over the world, and the United States, New Zealand Australia Germany Britain Dutch Israel costa Rica South Korea Czech Mexico, Portugal, Vietnam, the Philippines more than 40 countries such as Canada Sweden Ireland Greece customer established a long-term, stable relations of cooperation. The materials used include: pine, birch, oak, poplar, bent wood, plywood, MDF, PB board, straw, wicker, etc. It covers bedroom furniture, living room furniture, study furniture, children's furniture, dining room and cafe furniture.

          Business continues to develop, in the domestic major e-commerce (Tmall, JD, Taobao) has a number of dealers, and to do OEM for domestic well-known brands. The main style is Nordic Ikea and Japanese and Korean pastoral style.

          Quality is the life of an enterprise. We are familiar with the product quality standards of various countries. We have a professional team and strict quality control system which can control the entire production process and each export product. The company has more expectations and dreams in the future, we will pay 100 percent of the efforts and sweat, not forget the original intention, create brilliant.

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          公司地址:青島市城陽區正陽路285號民生城市廣場A座311室  電話/Tel:0532-88984125
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